Fur’s blanket

The fur’s blankets in good sight over beds, sofas, armchairs but also on carpets and floors are the last glamour frontier. The fur, which warmed the men since the ancient ages, is today an important design element, modernized with simple or bright colors, with traditional or brave combinations, with smoothed or long wool and with different forms: rectangular, round and square. On the market there are many choices: from the classic mink, fox and sable fur to the spotted chinchilla, lynx, conies and natural and resistant cow’s leathers. And even more kalgan, marmot, ermine, astrakhan, and many others. The fur’s blanket donate comfort and atmosphere to your home. More

Warm and strong: the fur’s blanket become a furniture must

We can find the big one in the bedroom, the liveliest gets along with the sitting room design laying down the sofas, armchairs, chaise longue but also on the floor. They become perfect furniture’s elements to convey your own style surrounding oneself of heat and softness. Every fur is a long duration and resistant object thanks to the new tanning, manufacturing and dyeing techniques.

Colors, combinations and lines are always in development, season after season, in order to give to the furs a touch of style, fantasy and quality that make them an unique element. Simple or innovative colors, combination and crossbreed are the element that characterized the made in Italy market which wants to satisfied every single demand. On the site, in the dedicated section, it’s possible to have a wide view of the last trends about fur’s blankets according to the latest fashions.