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Furniture’s textiles

The art to embellish the settings and the objects using fabrics and tissues of quality becomes established in this millennium. This reemergence sees that the textiles become a union between the classic and the modern for satisfied every demand of new styles and designs. Tender Diffusions offers a wide selection of tissues, available also on its website, with many colors and patterns. Tender Diffusion deals the furniture’s textiles for years being always careful to the client’s demands, to every single detail and able to satisfied all the expectations. The ancient art marries the modern one thanks to the evolutions in the technological field where, with powerful equipment and web, it’s possible to create heterogeneous and dynamic patterns and collections which reflect the upgrade of the customer requests and necessities. More

The only prerogative to satisfy the client.

The materials range from natural to synthetic fibers: the first are for example cotton, linen, viscose and hemp; the second microfiber, polyester and polypropylene. Soft and willowy tissues or pale and elastic, uninflammable, rich in patterns and bright in colors, in other words a multitude of proposals, suitable to every location, domestic or not. At the end this type of trade guarantees a high level of personalization because the final product reflects the customer’s ideas in every single detail.

Online in the website all the tissues that you see are perfect to renew every type of location, from ultramodern urban fabric to the classical one, from mountain to sea home, the wide selection of colors and patterns see that every object or furniture could be transformed as new.

These tissues are great also for the working environment, as hotels, restaurants, bars, public administrations rooms, with a wide assortment of uninflammable textiles suitable for the world of work where the security is essential for the high amount of people that every day pass in those places. Tender Diffusion offers, besides beautiful tissues, also expert advices for the choice of the fabric, for the washing, the treatments, the assembly on the strength of the material and the color used.