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Leather for furnishing

The leathers are usually of big dimensions to upholster sofas, armchairs or something else and are also resistant, elastic and of quality. They are of different colors, types and patterns in order to satisfy every demand and to integrate itself with every kind of furniture’s style. Generally, all the leathers apply the furniture’s purpose even if there are several more precious than others for peculiarity or valued finishing. The leather that is easier to find is the bovine one: the calf leathers are mainly used for the leather goods because they have small dimensions while for furnishing are used adult bovine leathers. More

The best choice for your furniture

The leather manufacturing has ancient origins, it goes back to the prehistoric man when it was used to make clothes and in the Middle Age when it was already used as furniture element. In 1853 was invented the first method of mineral tanning which assured softness and resistance to the leathers. Since then the techniques were always more original and were also developed industrial machinery able to offer a big variety of solutions.

Usually these leathers could have some scratches or defects because of their naturalness and those elements characterize themselves from the imitations. The furniture’s leathers must be resistant and soft and they have to be subject to an accurate maintenance to protect their shine and majesty. To clean them it is just necessary a dump rag and neutral solutions. These leathers give to your home an unique and fashionable effect.